Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Boys

If you are a regular reader you know I am blessed with a stylin' family.  Although they occasionally score a cameo here and there, I wanted to give a post to the men in my life.  So here they are.  Top is my nephew Josh behind him is Shawn.  Next up my Mav, Sam (of Vixen Vintage fame) and again Josh with his son Oliver.  Then it is Terry and Shawn-that's the Terry Tweed, you can read about here.  Then an older picture I pulled out just to show how cool Mav was to be rockin' that mustache 8 years before its current trendyness.  Then lastly a better view of future ladies man, Oliver.


  1. Love a well dressed man!Good job fellas,keep it up!

  2. How wonderful, to be blessed with such wonderful fellas.
    The men in my life don't like to dress in vintage clothing. Who knows, maybe one day they will, but for now, they will continue to be modern.

  3. very cool! Have a great weekend

  4. You have the most stylish family! And you always seem to have so much fun! I love reading your blog!


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