Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Eventful Week, Minus the Internet

I loaned the happy couple Mav and I's wedding topper.

My sister, her new husband-Perry, and her children Solanah and Josh.  (I know she looks too young to be their mother!)

Grace was the flower girl.

My friend Stefany and I both showed up in black for an afternoon wedding.  Rules are made to be broken.

Our Family

By Terry Tweed

We had over 60 bday party guests!

The theme of course...DOTS!

M&M's are round, so we had a big bowl of them!

Ruth and her friends made the "cake"

Dotty staring down Twila Jean's sweet boy

Happy Birthday To You!

I have been with out internet for a week!  This means you missed two big events.  My sister's wedding and Dotty's 1st birthday party.  There are so many wonderful photos to share I may need to use them in a future post.


  1. What wonderful pictures! You have a beautiful family! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us -- Yikes - No internet for a week -- I know for me that would give me lots of extra time!

  2. how lovely! Sometimes I think it would be fabulous without the internet for a week, I know I'd have a lot more time, however as I run an online store I guess it wouldn't work he he!

  3. What lovely pictures. I hope you get internet back pretty soon...because I love reading your postings.

  4. Oh! I miss understood... You had been with out internet for a week. I'm soooo glad you are back. I did notice you were not posting, then I found out why. It's good to know you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Oh cute! Happy Birthday to Dotty!


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