Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Love Him From Here To Eternity

16 years ago today Mav and I were in Hawaii.  He took me out to view the sun rising up from the ocean, because we lived on the West Coast this was special.  He also proposed while we were out there.  (He's extremely romantic, that guy of mine.)  We were right at the From Here To Eternity beach-if you've never seen that movie, do it now!  Funny thing, I am kind of snoopy and suspected he might propose on this trip. (we had been looking at rings before we left) While he was in the shower I had gone through his bag and felt what I knew to be a ring in one of his pockets.   This was on our first day there, but he waited until the very last day to propose!  I kept thinking he might have changed his mind. 
 We went back exactly one year later, again at sunrise.  You see me there in the B+W photo.  I have on a jasmine lei given to me early (obviously) that morning from a much loved old tattooer we were visiting.  He knew our love was special.
We have been back with the girls twice since.  I love taking them there.  The men in their lives sure are going to have a tough act to follow!
The shirt is a repro of the one Montgomery Clift (swoon) wore in the movie.  I bought one for Mav years ago to commemorate our special place.


  1. How romantic...it's true love...wow!!! ^_^

  2. Wow that's so romantic.What a lovely man you have:)Your very blessed to have such a wonderful relationship together.

  3. What a lovely, romantic locale. You are blessed to have such a wonderful hubby and family to share memories like this with.

  4. So wonderful..... Hubby and I got engaged on Bondi Beach, one year to the day after our first date. Next month we celebrate 10 years of marriage!! Aint love grand! xx Lucy


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