Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dividing The Pink House

I have come to realize my interest are eclectic and unique to me.  This is definitely reflected in my blog.  I have also come to realize that some of my readers who are interested in this...
May not be interested in this...

 So I have started a new blog,  Life In The Pink Tower.  This blog will be devoted solely to the education and bringing up of children.  Of course this subject is a big part of 'life in a pink house' so occasionally there will be crossover posts.  For now the new blog will contain only repost from "Life In A Pink House."  But very soon it will begin to stand on it's own foundation.  I encourage you to also follow the new blog if the subject interests you, if not just stay right here and look forward to the randomness that is my life.


  1. I don't mind your eclectic blog, with all your various topics, because it represents life. Your life.

    Life at home includes educating the girls, food, family and friends, and yes, tattoo's. If you feel the need to split it up, by all means do it. This is your place, it's your choice. I'll read no matter what!☺

  2. Good thinking! I like the idea of the split!!!
    Looking forward to more posts! x x x x x x x

  3. I don't mind the mix of posts either. Although I'm more inclined to commenting on the tattoo-posts, I am interested in the other ones too. So I'll certainly glance over to the other blog as well. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I love them both...they show the real vintage life you live and represent the heart of raising wonderful daughters in a very vintage old school way! I find it such a great example of a great mother! Best of luck on the new blog but keep your real vintage lived life here has that pink house lived charm! huggs Cat

  5. I like the eclectic-ness of it... I am a mother of 5 children who are between 14 and 20. Their formal education was/is at the traditional public school. Although I did do many of the hands on learning tecniques you use with your young ladies form the time they were very young, I did not know they were part of a program or learning style. I get very nostalgic as I read your posts on mothering as I am nearing the finish line. I came to read about a mother my age keeping life interesting, wearing vintage and not looking silly, too young or trendy. I stayed because I like her family. Thank you for all you share, however you decide to share it.


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