Friday, November 12, 2010

Swing Your Partner!

This Halloween Twila Jean invited Mav and I to her house for a party.  Here we are in our costumes.  Square dancers.  Obvious, right?  You'd be surprised how many times we were asked what we were.


  1. That part is obvious, but maybe they thought there was more to it, like square dancers from some movie :). I love the pattern around the sleeves and the bottom of the skirt

  2. Love this! And the outfits, yellow is such a happy colour. You guys look great! How could anyone not know? Mind you, I dressed as the Mad Hatter and had many ask what I was. My son, The White Rabbit, was beside me holding a pocket-watch. Go figure!

    When I was younger, in grade school, we all square danced. Did the whole competition, shows and concerts thing for about 5 years. Was never allowed to have my hair down though...Man does this bring it all back.

    Hope you all had fun!

  3. ha ha ha I can't believe people asked what you were! You both look great!


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