Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shiny Broke

Christmas time is here!  Yesterday we decorated our tree.  The more children we have the more "oops" we have every year.  I am always sad to see them go -but never sad enough to stop using them.  What we did this year with Dotty being just one year old is hung all the vintage ornaments at the top and the lower branches have newer ones.  The ones Grace is using for eyeballs are from Target and although still breakable at least not as easily.  They almost have a bounce to them when they fall.
Later in the day we got a head start on our baking.  I wanted to deliver goodies early this year before everyone was sick of sweets.  Solanah and Ruth's bff, Keziah, helped make cupcakes, peanut butter fudge and cookies.  Then we made deliveries and drove around looking at Christmas lights.


  1. Cool tree! I can't wait to put up ours... Baking togheter is so much fun. b(m)aking memories! x

  2. It just isn't Christmas without a broken bulb or two! Love the white tree, what a perfect backdrop for all those brightly colored ornaments.


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