Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tattooed Walls

I have a thing for wallpaper.  I think of it like tattoos, I just can't leave a wall bare!  I went window shopping recently and picked out new designs for the pink house.  

This is my bedroom now.  I love the paper.

This is the only other room with wallpaper.  A small cherry border is in the kitchen.

Now here is my wish list.
The nursery.

 I LOVE this and out of them all it is most likely to actually happen.  Look at those cows!  For the kitchen.

 Homeschool room

Living room or dining room

Bedroom or living room

Mudroom because I love to make it bright.

Perfect for the bathroom!


  1. I neeeeeed that fish wallpaper! All of it's cool though. I too abhore a bare wall! But some day I'll be able to paper!

  2. The mudroom print is eyes thank you. Gorgeous!

  3. Your bedroom wall decor is lovely. That's just my kind of wall decor, I love it! Perfect!

  4. I love love love love love wallpaper. I too do not care for bare walls. If only I owned a home. Oh, and by the way this I believe is my first comment on here. So, I just wanted to let you know how huch I love your kitchen.

    XoX Sandy

  5. I love the colours, very soft and powdery. You got me wishing I had wallpaper now.

  6. Beautiful wallpaper! I love to have different wallpapers all around the house. The only room in my house that doesn't have wallpaper is our livingroom and the upper hallway. Love cissi

  7. I LOVE the sound of "Tattooed Walls"! I am a wallpaper fanatic and I find so many people dismiss it as out dated and as being too difficult and or too permanent. They miss out! My husband was dismayed that I wanted to tattoo my freshly drywalled walls (after a major remodel) but I convinced him that it was happening anyhow. Instant charm. I did all of the insides of the closets in the patterns that I loved but might be too busy for a whole room. Cheers to Tattooed Walls and the Housewives who love them!


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