Friday, February 4, 2011

Chase The Chubbies Away

I am pretty sick today and it bums me out because we missed running yesterday and now I am missing it today.  Yes, I am back at it!  We started last week at the beginning of Couch To 5K.  Starting at the beginning after all the hard running work we put in last year can be discouraging, but it is better than not re starting at all.

What happened was I got to the point where, although I wasn't at goal, I was content.  My clothes fit fine, maybe even with a bit of room and while I did not feel thin, I also didn't feel fat.  It is this happy medium that was the beginning of trouble.  "Happy" being a key word.  I feel happy and I want to celebrate life with family and friends, which of course means f-o-o-d.  So fast forward several months to the present and here you have me feeling miserable, nothing fits and I not only feel fat but the scale reinforces that feeling.

I am 10 pounds heavier than I was the last time I started running.  I have been afraid of the scale for months and braved it yesterday and while not surprised, I was disappointed.

I will not share my weight and measurements with you this time.  I just can't.

Changes are coming.  Exercise is the first step I am taking.  I am taking smaller steps toward healthier eating (although I will get there).  I debate going back to Weight Watchers.  I know it works but wish I could make the changes as lifestyle changes rather than joining a program.  One reason is because when I am not part of WW I leave it all behind.  It seems separate from my "real life".

Here are a few things I am doing now to get back on track;
Beginning Couch to 5K with the goal of running a 5K at the end of March.
Using the wii fit on non running days
Teaching health and nutrition as part of our homeschool studies to help the girls understand why we need to make better choices and making sure I am modeling this

If you are an arm chair psychologist like myself you will notice above that I associate food with happiness and contentment.  I will also need to find a way to work on that.  It is so untrue because food actually brings me here to the point I am right now, feeling like crap and dreading digging myself out of it.

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I am so similar to you, food = happiness. I have always gained weight when I am the most happy. Good for you for getting back on track and I am right there with you! Just a few weeks behind you on C25K, I am restarting on Monday. You can do it!

  2. Hi,
    This feeling must be in the air because I woke up feeling the exact same way...considered calling Weight Watchers...but do not want to spend any more learn something that I already know. I need to eat a bit less and exercise more....that is the bottom line.

    thanks for sharing this today...I don't feel so alone any more.

    Good luck with the 5K!!

  3. Ah yes, I hear ya! I too thought about WW again but like you I see being on WW or not being on WW instead of just changing my life, WW is good guidance though but I'm either really really strict or forget it all, I don't do stuff by halves.

    Know that you are not alone!

  4. Im a runner myself, and its such a good way to exercise, which is also free and great at burning fat and calories!
    My advise to you is maybe enter an organised run at a distance you feel comfortable with, for in a few months time. You then have something to aim towards - and a 'purpose' for your running. Always motivates me anyway :)

  5. Although I have never had a problem with weight gain (in fact it has been more of the opposite problem all my life) I have recently jumped on the exercise wagon too. Now that I have hit my late 20's I am shocked to find that everything isn't as 'perky' as it used to be! It's definitely time to tone up... which is difficult because I am NOT a fan of exercising!

  6. I know exactly what you mean...I am about 15 to 20 pounds over weight. So this year I have made it a point to watch what I eat and continue to practice yoga along with pilates.
    I look forward to your progress; you are inspiration to us all.


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