Thursday, March 24, 2011

At Homes

I have decided to adopt the long forgotten custom of "at homes".  This is one day each week which I will be home and "accepting callers".  It is a tradition Victorian women adopted in order to better manage their households.   I crave a house where hospitality is offered regardless of the time or circumstance, but the truth is I homeschool two of my children, have a toddler, a teenager, and a husband who works odd hours.  In order to preserve our families needs and offer a good old welcome (and mean it) I am choosing an "at home".  I have so many people I want to connect with and never find the time so I am hoping this will help with that.
Of course I immediately began to wonder what I would wear.
I like this from here.  But then again they had me at the Boston Terrier.
Most likely more like this
and after

I also began to think about calling cards.  Did you know there was a silver tray near the door you left your card on even if the hostess was home?  That way she could keep track of who had visited -and more importantly other guests could see who had visited.

I may have to make some just for fun!


  1. Great idea! I work at home(internet store) and that would really work- one day where folks could drop in and not worry they were interupting me. I love to sit over coffee and visit!!

  2. Yes! I know all about this...I would be one of your visitors, for sure.
    Calling cards are a great idea. I found them @ Victorian Trading Catalog.
    It would be so nice to adopt this custom once again.
    Blessings Always
    Your Blog Friend,

  3. I would love a calling card with a devil on it! May have to find someone who can design one for me. ☺

  4. that is so cool. I love it. I've thought about getting "mommy cards" made for me to pass out to the other moms at the park etc. that has my kid's names and ages, our phone number, etc. on it...but maybe that's weird...or desperate. haha.

  5. What a lovely idea! Most of my friends live a long way away so it wouldn't work, apart from my friends who live next door but we pop in each others all the time, I do LOVE the idea though!

  6. I love that idea. I know it's not nice, but I hate it when people come over unannounced. I always want the house to be tidy, the fridge full of goodies and of course me looking my absolute best :) :).

  7. i adore this have got it so together...praying for you and your family!

  8. I really think it would be nice if we could return to this type of socializing instead of texting, facebooking etc. to connect!


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