Friday, March 25, 2011

Come Knock On My Door

Yesterday I shared my plan to host an "at home" each week.  That got me thinking of fellow bloggers I would love to pop in.  Obviously, I have a few who do live close and will be doing just that- Solanah, Twila Jean, and Dana.
I decided to pick two lovely ladies whose blogs I read and wish to visit with.

 Drumroll please...
Cat, The Vintage Housewife and Fiona of Straight Talking Mama are at the top of the list.
 I considered a list of ten as there are more but wanted to keep it simple and well, two's company.

So what two bloggers would you like to have over?


  1. How lovely of you! I would LOVE to come and visit, you can't imagine! I used to pop over to the States a lot and now that I don't I've met so many lovely people in blogland eeek.

    One day we'll have a international blog get together he he!

  2. I love the "pay doorbell"!! I guess it would be like $5.00 now. Wouldn't that be a lifesaver! Well I am inspired by your idea and will definitely come by one of those Thursdays! Yay!

  3. I LOVE the doorbell! I'm gonna rig something up ASAP. You can expect 2 things:
    1. It will be a $10 charge.
    2. You would probably get your refund.

  4. OH my OH my...would i adore that!!!! You are so on my favorite list as well!!! Wouldn't that be amazing!!!! Ekkkk...My lil' heart is so happy! That would be a life treat indeed! Maybe i can get you to come to Viva one year! huggs


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