Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pee-ew! Stinky Silverware

My husbands grandparents gave us their silver set when we were first married.  It is the Coronation pattern by Community (now Onieda) that was introduced in 1936 to commemorate the crowning of Edward the VII.  (Which of course never happened.)  
His grandparents were married in the 1940's and gave it to us in 1994.  We have used it exclusively since.  
But sadly it is now packed away. 
 Why?  Because it smelled so horrible we could no longer eat off of it.  I have heard this means it is time for a polish, as tarnish smells like garlic.  It didn't work. 
 What I did notice is the silverplate is wearing off.  This liberates phosphorus used in the plating process, which is not good for you.  
I imagine had we only brought it our for special occasions it would have a lot of life left.  But, I do not regret using it daily and loving it.  Everyday is a special occasion!
If you are wondering it was replaced it with a classic look modern set.  I doubt I'll ever go back to vintage silverware.
When shopping for vintage sets be sure to check the wear.  Who knew we could wear them out!?  Have you ever ran into this?


  1. That is my favorite pattern of silver. I want to get a set like this!! Thanks for the tip; I will watch out for this when I am shopping for a set.

  2. wow no I've never heard of that but then my mum's best silverwear is only used at christmas and we use cheap stuff day to day.

  3. Oooh :( I haven't heard of it, but then I also haven't heard of anyone using silverware for daily use. My mothers set from Switzerland, which was my Grandmothers wedding set I believe, is only used maybe 4 times a year...New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is always handwashed, and there are certain dishes that the serving spoons are never to touch (cauliflower is a huge one) because the acidity level is too high for the silver to sit in. I don't know how often she polishes it, but at least once a year I'm quite sure. It lives in a velvet lined box most of the time.

    You could probably get it redipped one day, though I imagine it would cost quite a chunk of change. At least it lived a full life in the end!

  4. I had no idea this could happen! My mother inlaw has a set that is extremely similiar to this one! It was passed on to her from a lady who married in the 1940s, guess thats a clue to the similarities! Hers is still fresh though..... How I envy her set!

  5. Apparently it's possible to have it replated, might be expensive though!

  6. I got some from my gandmother,and had that exact same issue. :(

  7. Sweet friend you are a hoot!!!! You so are NOT too old for Viva! There is every age...and soooo many people that its whatever anything goes! Daddy-o and i make sure we go and hit vintage shops and things like that to give our heads a break from the music...being so loud...heee heeee now thats old!!!! haahahah Golly i wish you would go...i would totally love hangin with you!!!!! We could talk about our kids the whole night! :0)

  8. I'm not sure about silverware, but I bought a 1950's phone off eBay and the things smells like puke. It reeks! I've had it "airing" in my Studio for about 6 years and it still smells like someone hurled when you get near it.

    I loathe to get rid of vintage stuff, but this one is going to hit the trash bag any time soon!


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