Monday, March 7, 2011

My Lucky Scarf

Here is a glimpse of an average daily outfit.  On this particular day three of my girls and I met Solanah and Twila Jean, along with her two children, for lunch. 
 The best part of my outfit is the scarf which  belonged to Mav when we married.  I remember he had it placed on his nightstand with a prewar era lamp and clock sitting atop of it.  He has always had way more style than I do.
I love the little peak of Solanah walking away.  
After lunch it was time to drop one off for a class and as you can see the baby was over due for her nap.  Not very glamourous but true to real life.


  1. I love the print of the scarf!And you still look fab even in real life.

  2. I love real life more than dressy up shots, you look lovely!

  3. I love seeing the every day outfits,you look gorgeous!I also love that your hubby has style,theres no way mine would bother to make his bedside table look nice.

  4. What a beautiful outfit - and I love the scarf -- It just completes your entire outfit -- and your poor little one! Yes, it looks like naptime was overdue!


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