Sunday, March 13, 2011

That Old Black Magic: Las Vegas

March 9th was Keely Smith's 79th birthday.  Mav took me to Las Vegas to see Keely perform with Sam Butera and The Wildest in 1994.  We got to meet her afterwards.  She told me I had her old waist, a compliment for sure.  We also had a couple of drinks with Sam Butera who kept leaving, we were told, to call his mistress.  (back in the pay phone days)  True Las Vegas style.
Her hair is so cute.  I attempted to wear the same style years ago, it's definitely not for everyone-and I am one of those everyones.  

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  1. Oh wow what a great trip! And you have a drink with Sam Butera, damn you!! I love meeting those old stars, I was lucky enough to be the MC at the Rhythm Riot here for several years, my fave time, have a little singalong backstage with the Treniers I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven!


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