Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Style Wizard

This is the character Harper Finkle from 'The Wizards Of Waverly Place'.   Chances are, unless you have children ages 7-14, you are unaware this show even exists.  So I just had to share some photos of Harper. 
 She is so cute!  I love watching to see her outfits.  There are more outfits I'd love to share but can't find them outside of watching the show. 
 The circus cotton candy outfit is my absolute favorite.  
So just when you think all hope is lost in a world of jeggings,  just tune in and check her out.  
A great example and portrayal of a teenage girl not afraid the express herself creatively through her clothing. 
 Target has a girls clothing line based on the female lead, Alex, on the show.  I wish they had one based on Harper.


  1. My kids love this show. Okay, so do I. I also adore Harper's style. So cute. I know Disney is just using it as a way to quirk up the best friend, but some of the outfits are So adorable I've considered replicating them.

  2. I don't know if you ever watched "Joan of Arcadia" but I loved that character's style too! I also love that this girl is lovely and modest while being expressive.

  3. Ditto on the Cotton Candy one. I watch a lot of teen tv as I work in the YA center of a library and the tv's fixed on either nick or disney or cartoon network. Nice to see a gal with style in that age group!

  4. I love that she has sweater clips on in the first one! And the cotton candy outfit is my favorite too! I would make that one in a second. Sure do enjoy your blog!

  5. i love harper too! i just wish they didn't make her character quite so dingy!

  6. i love Harper and her fashion style, loved the outfit where she had a lampshade as a hat :-)

  7. Harper!!! She's such a creative cutie character who isn't afraid to be herself. she comes up with the best outfits. I loved the episode where they went to the future and found Harper there, and she was still super creative with her outfits. :)


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