Monday, April 18, 2011

Rarebit Fiends

Tonight Papa made Welsh Rarebit for me, the girls and our niece Solanah.  This was our first time having the cheesy toast and it was yummy!  Reminded of fondue that comes already spread.

He also read the preface of this book from 1901.  The author claims his literary club would indulge in late night welsh rarebit, causing wild dreams they would then come together and share.  The book is a collection of those dreams put to story.  
We watched Winsor McCay's 'Dreams Of A Rarebit Fiend' which he animated in 1912 and also 1921. He was the originator of all Walt Disney is given credit for.  Walt even said it took Disney years to catch up to what McCay had already accomplished. 

Winsor McCay travelled the vaudeville circuit with his characters Gertie the Dinosaur and Little Nemo. 
Of course we have to have pie!  My mom sent over this lovely cream cheese pineapple number.  Yes I know, it is huge!

Let the dreams begin.  Grace in slumberland. 


  1. what a lovely evening! And yes that pie is HUGE!

  2. What a wonderful family tradition...ahhhh...the vintage feel is amazing with your family! Pie..Pie...oh my oh my thats a PIE!!! =0)


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