Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Retro Lips

My favorite lipstick is Mac's Retro.  As you can see I have been wearing it since our wedding almost 17 years ago.  I had my makeup done at the Mac counter and it is the one the gal put on me.  I loved it and at that point in my life "Retro" was a very cool name.  I had worn truer reds up until then and still do occasionally, but my standby is Retro.  I like it's subtle glamour and describe it as a red in sepia tones.
Do you have a favorite that isn't true red?  


  1. Yes I do, I like wearing a more brown tone of red on a day to day basis. My true red is kept for dressing up/going out otherwise if I wear full make up every day I don't feel different when I go out and I want to feel different!

  2. Wow - you are so beautiful! I am going to get me some retro mac lipstick! I love mac lipsticks! But I don't have a signature red color...I am very fair and it's hard to find one that works with white white skin.


  3. Ofcourse, I like wearing L'Oreal pink tones at times, but I prefer L'Oreal British Red. It's my favorite so far. Maybe I should try MAC...

  4. So pretty!! I will have to check this one out!

    My current favorite is Besame's Merlot.


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