Monday, June 20, 2011

Dot's Shelves at 19 Months

Arcobaleno puzzle (actually too old for her at this time) All of our children have played with it and truthfully I like it more than they do.
Little wooden peg people bus, Fisher Price barn, books (Gyo Fujikowa), homemade vanilla playdough, small globe ball, chunky puzzle, shape sorter, pegs and ride on toy.

Her favorites pictured here are the pegs, books, barn and scooter.  She did go through a period of interest  where she loved the playdough so I have kept it out through several rotations but she's pretty much over it now.  I highly recommend the scooter.  It is on casters which makes steering fun and simple.  I also appreciate the clean simplicity of design which leaves lots of room for imagination.

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