Friday, June 3, 2011

Mama Style Inspiration: Cotton Summer Dresses

I love this picture, the dress, the saddle shoes, the hair, the baby...beautiful!

Cotton just feels so good!

Dresses can be for playing

Cotton house dress, barefeet, apron and the kitchen all favorites.

This is my grandma Lois.


  1. Cotton Summer dresses are by far my favorites too!


  2. simply lovely! I adore a cotton/ol soft farm dress...they really make yet the sweetest darn thing in the look amazing in the first your hair!

  3. Cotton dresses are definitely the best! I'm working on some from vintage patterns and am so excited to wear them this summer.

  4. Well, cotton IS the fabric of our lives.

  5. I adore that pic of you in the brown dress especially. In our heat cotton is God, one can hardly wear anything else in summer.xx.

  6. the cotton dress is really nice and different thanks for the lovely designs!!
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