Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wanted: Vintage Families

I was cleaning up my blog roll and I began wondering who everyone else loves to read.  I would love to discover more family style vintage blogs.  Some of you I know have families and blogging is a little escape from being just a mama.  I get that, I can appreciate escapism as much as the next woman- (some days more than others!)   But the truth is who I am permeates everything I do.  I would love to discover more blogs that I can not only appreciate their sense of style but also hear about and appreaciate their homes and families, even if they are different than mine.  Any recommendations?


  1. Hi I love your blog, I think I have said before that I relate to you a little bit. I also love Bleubird Vintage, You should check it out. This is a great picture, you have such a lovely family.

  2. I think you already read my blog, but I write about my "vintage family" quite a bit:

    There's also a great blog about a woman raising her family in the Alaskan wilderness here:

    It's got all kinds of great info on really retro living- like without electricity and roads!

  3. Hello! I love reading about your fab family and adorable house!! My blog is: I write a lot about raising my twin boy and being pregs, and keeping my vintage style up in all of the chaos! :)


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