Thursday, June 9, 2011

Montessori Ikea: The Kitchen

Hand towels with loops for hanging in place

This is now the children's silverware in the cafe.  They are not for sale in the store.  But I am still impressed they did away with the plastic and hope to see them sold soon.

This is a fun serving dish.  Children love serving themselves at the table.  It can also be used as a transferring exercise.  Fill with cotton balls and use the tongs to transfer cotton from one dish to the other.

I believe infants should skip the sippy and go straight to a cup.  They can begin this as early as 8 mos.  These shot sized drinking glasses are what we use.

Sold as coffee spoons these are just right for toddlers.

Theses are small pitchers.  Perfect for pouring their own drinks.

Hang this low and your child can use the hand towels to wipe up spills.

Small hand sweeper, perfect for around the table after meals.


  1. My little one still won't entertain the idea of a cup, she's 3 and a half. What a great idea to start with tiny glasses, thanks for that.xx.

  2. Jack already wants "silverware" not plastic "baby spoons". I was just thinking I needed to go hunting for some in his size. This is very timely!

  3. I can't thank you enough for this!! i am just making my list now for "montessori" ideas for things from IKEA.

  4. It's quite cute that the name of the hand towels are "Krama", that means hugging. :)


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