Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Hodgepodge

Here are a few pictures from the 4th of July.  Some are mine, some I took from friends on facebook.

Papa and Pearl went for a biplane ride, circa 1929

Dot gives Twila Jean's son August the eye.

I drink from mason jars- big ones!  It's cucumber water.

Dot gets on her helmet for our bike ride home.  You see Twila Jean's sweet Margaux in the foreground.

Our lovely hostess Amy, Solanah and me.

My daughter Ruth (stripes) and her friends reveal their talents.

Dot and Solanah

Papa, Mama and Dotty.  Notice she wore three outfits during the bbq.


  1. Dot wore 3 outfits?! How cute, just like my little one...does Dot also insist on wearing fairy dresses to bed like mine does? I wonder. I love the pic of Dot on Solanahs blog too.xx.

  2. Love all these pics! And cucumber water sounds nice, what is it?


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