Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Love Of Colonial Revival

Am I the only one who loves Colonial Revival?  Maybe it is because I grew up with it that it makes me feel at home.  I also appreciate that it never went completely out of style from the turn of the century through the 70's.  This means it is easier to find, I can mix decades, and keep the look fluid.

If you watch Mad Men you will recognize the Draper's home as Colonial Revival.  Here is a quote that I liked from their set designer.
"Some viewers might be surprised that the Drapers "don't live in Eames-ville and wear Pucci clothes," Wells says. "But we are portraying a very realistic view of a time when we were not such a throwaway society, and buying furniture was a lifetime investment."

I love the contrast between the modern sleek office and comfy colonial home.

P.S.  I tried so hard to get pics from sources other than blogs and then I just noticed I used the same ones as Atomic Ranch House!  So even though I didn't get them there I feel I should give her credit for using them first.


  1. I never stopped loving that stuff -- the heavy pine, rag rugs, etc.

  2. Ah, so there is someone who likes it!!! I'm putting a big post up on my blog about this very topic tonight, posing similar questions.

  3. We called it "Early American", and Mom bought it after we had the blonde furniture. So, until we got the Mediterranean in the 70's. that is what we had. I just like the more fifties mod or cottagy better, but it is comfy!

  4. I like looking at it and it looks good, but it's not for me. But then I'm from the UK so have no association with it as a style either. Most people in the 50s here had what they could get hold of furniture wise, after all rationing was still ongoing in the early 50s so you just made do!

  5. Fiona I have never even thought of that. I have taken it for granted that '50's furnishings are easy to come by.


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