Saturday, August 13, 2011

Epic Road Trip: Out Takes

I as put together posts from our trip I am coming across photos that give a little peek behind the scenes.
Papa deserves a lot of praise for travelin' with 6 girlies!

This wasn't even the worst of it!

Loading up in Colorado

I started to take pics of all the pink houses-but that ended up too big a task to take on.  I like this one for my reflection.


Thank goodness for our hotels happy hour!

Ga-ga over bathrooms-this one is in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming.

This photo of Dorothy in gingham and ruby slippers was taken in Kansas. (ala Wizard Of Oz)  You would never believe the drama we went through to get it before we left the state.  We didn't realize the whole state wouldn't be farm like, so it isn't what I had envisioned.

Me climbing in with a new born calf.

Too hot!
Too hot for bras!

Here we all are, true to form.  Look at Dot with a Mountain Dew!  I have no idea why we are all in this room when there were two more bedrooms.  We like cozy.

Not all nights were spent in suites.


  1. *It's official, your husband is the best husband in the whole universe and has now obtained Sainthood!

    Does your husband teach classes? I would like to send my husband!? ...hehehehehe


  2. the bra photo and Dot with a Mountain Dew cracked me up

  3. so fun! Love your leggy reflection.

  4. I love the photo with everybody in one room when you had two! Just goes to show how close you all are, it is nice.

  5. These are the pictures that mean the most. I love seeing the reality behind it all. Dot with the Dew is adorable, and I wish I could have Mav give my Dan some lessons in Husbandy Goodness. That is so wonderful... I love these little looks into your family. It makes me smile, and feel a little jealous of it all.

  6. Loved your story about Kansas City! That's where I'm from and still live! Looks like you have a close knit and happy family!

  7. Great pictures, what a fabulous family. And man that is HOT

  8. Thanks for showing all sides of your trip. We often only post the happy pics that make the dream look like a breeze. The ups and downs are all part of the memories. I can remember a trip up north were are middle child started to throw up after 3 hours on the road. It is all part of the adventure.

  9. It was the dirty car photo that made me laugh the most we recently took a day trip and the condition of our vehicle by the end was insane! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  10. Ohhhh, my goodness!!! I am cracking up at your photos!!! Leggy reflection, car mess, calf excitement, Dot with the Dew, no bra!!! LOL



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