Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coedith Doesn't Wear Earrings

Papa and I go out for coffee often.  We love our local and independent cafe that has coffee tables, couches, and games for the girls. It is like the comfort of home with friends popping in and out to say hello.  Here I am one day last week going out for coffee.

Do you notice anything unusual in the above picture?  I am wearing earrings!  That is very rare.  I had my ears pierced when I was younger and whenever I left my earrings out for more than a day or two the holes would close.  Having to basically re pierce my ears each time I wanted to wear earrings was a hassle and I soon gave up.  So now it is the occasional and uncomfortable clip on pair. The necklace and earrings were my moms when she and my dad met- early 60's.

I also wanted to show you this adorable charm bracelet I purchased on our recent trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder's home.  There is a charm house for each one she lived in with the city name on the bottom.  I just love it.   The green bangle is bakelite that Papa bought me because he thought it matched my eyes.  I love it for that reason more than it's beauty.


  1. Really cute assortment of bracelets! The charm bracelet is great. :)

  2. That's funny, I have the same problem with my ears too! Many years back, I just said screw it and took out all my ear piercings and now only occasionally wear clip-ons.


  3. love your bracelets!I can't wear earrings unless they're on the screw on type

  4. I love my clip ons, try earring cushions, I found them a couple of years ago and can wear my clips ons whenever now!

  5. sorry, i know its really irrelavant, but your dress is BEAUTIFUL!
    i just wanted to say, thats a really lovely picture :)
    and i havent had my ears pierced, to scared of infection, but i wish u did, there are some seriously beautiful earrings of my grandmothers i miss out on!

  6. I too have that issue with ear piercings, so I just got loop earrings that I never take out! It also means I never have to remember to put on earrings, but it does mean that I have to fuss with them to change my earrings!

  7. this is a GREAT picture ofyou.
    I miss your blog. without updates on bookface I never click through to get to it. :/ must make a point to check you ouuuuutttttt.


  8. Gorgeous jewelry on a gorgeous girl! The earrings look great on you too! As for me, I wear earrings Can't go without them! Necklaces are another story. I wear them a lot less often.


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