Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deluxe Tattoo Family BBQ

This is me 5 minutes before guests arrive.  Our house is shoe free so I really should invest in a cute pair of slippers.
We don't serve alcohol at our parties.  But I always like to have a glass before everyone gets here. shhh, don't tell.

Tofu skewers in rooster sauce marinade.

The rain caused us to move the bbq from the soggy yard to the driveway.

Our girls baked and served dessert-Pie shop style
I snatched these off my niece's instagram.  Love the candidness.

The kitchen is where it is at.

The Deluxe Tattoo Parlor bbq.  We want the guys and their families to feel like a part of ours and food and opening our home is the best way we have found.


  1. Nice! I love your candid shots too. What is rooster sauce??

  2. Love the look of those Tofu skewers in Rooster sauce, would love to know how to make those as a veggie they sound delish!


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