Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wear Dresses!

 I have been wearing this dress a lot this summer.  It has been my summer 'go to' dress, cool and comfy.  What I'd like to share with you is this; a dress is the absolute easiest thing to wear and gets the best results.  I'm a busy and sometimes lazy mama, so for me there is nothing better.  I took the above picture when I got home from the grocery store.  I have on no lipstick and my hair is simply in a pony tail.  BUT while at the grocery store (3 times in 4 days) someone complimented me.  They didn't compliment my dress (it wasn't this one each time) but instead told me I looked beautiful.  My point is not to brag- (I know it was the dress they noticed not me) my point is to show what a difference a dress can make.  

There is another funny thing.  One of the stores I was at is one I refer to as a self esteem booster as I am usually one of the few not in pajamas.

So just a little reminder if you have a dress-wear it!


  1. Busy and lazy so throw on a dress? Yep, I'm right there with you on that!

  2. I wish dresses that pretty would fit me! I look like a run away fabric store when I wear a dress!

  3. Agreed! I have only started really wearing dresses frequently this year after many many years of them not being in regular rotation in my wardrobe and dang, if it's not the easiest thing in the world to wear! You instantly look put together, plus it's (usually) comfy. What could be better?

    And that's a really cute sundress, love the shape and color! :)

  4. You are absolutely right! I have been finding more and more that day dresses really are the best things to invest in for my wardrobe, as they really are so easy (and look so much better than jeans and a t-shirt!).

  5. You are so right! But I have got out of the habit of wearing dresses, sadly cos none really fit, whoops, but I am working on that!

    You look very cute in that dress :o)

  6. I completly agree!! I work in school with young children, and whenever I wear a dress to work, everyone from the other teachers to the little students compliment on how nice I look,

    Dresses, next to shoes are a girl's bestfriend!

  7. That is one beautiful dress, no wonder you keep on waering it. :) <3


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