Monday, September 5, 2011

Food Love

I have big food issues.  I just love it.  Totally.
I hadn't told you that I returned to Weight Watchers. (I am a lifetime offender)  That was 3 weeks ago.  I lost three pounds the first two weeks. This was a disappointment because I followed plan to the T.  (Usually the first week on program is a bigger loss.)  Could it be as I inch closed to my 40th b-day the weight is just getting harder to take off?  Yes, I know three pounds is an accomplishment.  I, in true Coedith form, chose to celebrate my losing with lunch of french toast after weigh in.  Of course I know I could have simply tracked it and kept to plan...but.....
Of course it didn't stop with french toast, or the fries, or the goat cheese with lemon curd and marscapone (to die for!)  So I skipped my week three weigh in, ya know to get back on track before weighing in the following week.  
No I will not be going this week either.  I am officially off the wagon.
What to do?  
All this is happening at the same time my squirrel mama instincts are telling me to stock up for the winter.  I have been menu planning, recipe searching and discovering the world of cooking once and stocking my freezer with hearty homemade meals to be ready in a flash.  I want us to eat real food, balanced food and enjoyable food.
Food is more than nourishment for me.  I know that can be seen as an "issue".  It is a way to bring people together, to connect, to share to give and to receive. 
So that is where I am with food.  Wanting to be a size 10, just not enough to give up french toast- or is it the love...


  1. Have you tried eating the same foods, only smaller portions?

  2. Right there with you! I'm closing in on 40 as well, and it is harder to lose, and harder to say no to the good stuff. This was supposed to be the summer of the triumphant return of the bikini, too....

  3. Weight-ugh! I am 41 and got overweight the last 3 years, I am now dieting and have lost about 20 pounds so far, with about another 20 to go. I'm very proud of my achievement but I have really starved myself and denied myself to do it-it's been very hard and it's true what they say, it's much harder to lose as one ages. I didn't do weight watchers but gave up carbs, alcohol and chocolate.

  4. Every year after 40 it gets harder to lose weight. BUT is also seems to be that you have a set weight, if you can you get back to that weight without much effort. Love the image on the freezer booklet - do you think SHE stayed that size forever, eating all that ice cream and frozen food?

  5. The only time I lost weight was following the diet for gestational diabetes. It was so difficult. I told myself I would keep doing it after I had Liam, but without the NEED of keeping my baby safe, I stopped. First was the sugar, then the carbs. I need to lose about 60 pounds this year. For health reasons. But like you, food is a way to show love, to bring joy... I bake for my husband, I cook meals for him that HE likes, which are heavy on the pastas and starches and low on the veggies. It is so hard when its only ME trying to do it. And I love seeing his eyes light up when he comes home to fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies...

  6. Oh dear my constant struggle and yes it's harder and harder the older I get! I'm 44, 45 next month eeek and man it's a struggle.

    Instead of 'dieting' I'm just trying pure exercise at the moment and cutting down, I HATE dieting, I don't eat horrible, I'm vegetarian and cook everything from scratch, but I do like a tipple and I'm partial to crisps (chips!). So for Sept we've gone alcohol free to give it all a kick start, I'm exercising pretty much every day either gym or swim, and we'll see how it goes!

    Good luck with yours, I think the problem with dieting is that you have to stick to it 100% all the time, which I find hard, even more so as I get older!


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