Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Okified

My great-grandparents Frank and Ethel Attaway (I am wild about her socks and shoes)

Me circa 1994, in my favorite socks and shoes, where I grew up in Woodlake California

You know that favorite dress you have practically worn out?  The one with the stain, tear or missing button?  Do not despair you can still wear it with an Okie flair.  Here are 10 ways to incorporate true depression era fashion into your vintage attire.

  1. clothing doesn't fit just right-usually a little too big
  2. overalls
  3. socks-not mates if you dare
  4. one button different from the rest
  5. dresses made of feedsacks
  6. mend and patch-get creative
  7. worn oxfords shoes
  8. clothing clean but worn
  9. layers-sometimes they had to wear all they had
  10. aprons- what dress you do have needs protecting

How awesome is this?!  Here is an informative feedsack post by Vintage Viviant.

I haven't seen it (because I heard it was scary) but Carnivale appears to have wonderful costumes.

Also I have heard rumors of a Ghetto Gatsby picnic held in Southern California.  Does anyone have any information about this event?  I am intrigued. 


  1. Ha-ha! Until I lived in California, I thought "Okies" meant people from Okinawa! People at church kept taking about how they and their relatives were all Okies and I kept looking around for Oriental people from Okinawa but didn't see any!!! It's a California thing. I love the Okies! (I think it was common during that time for all ladies to wear socks and shoes with a dress, not just Okies!) Cute post.

  2. I just watched "Grapes if Wrath" a few weeks ago and was feeling very depression inspired....that sounds wrong but you know what I mean.

  3. Yes Desiree, I totally know what you mean. I did wonder about the irony of purposefully dressing like a people who given the chance would not have. But I can't help what pleases my eyes and they can be proud of their legacy.

  4. Loved this post so much, as I collect feedsacks (I didn't mean to-it just kinda happened!) and I always love learning more about them. I love oxfords and socks with a dress, it's such a great look. You wear it well! Lately I have also developed a love for Depression-era fashion, but as a curvy girl I need to be a little careful because it tends to make me look dumpy. I try to borrow what I can to make it work.

    I watched one episode of Carnivale, and it freaked me out so much I couldn't watch it again. But they pegged the look really well. So I understand!

    I just adore your blog; it's always such a treat to read it, and not only because you live in my hometown! You have a neat life and a lovely family. Thanks for sharing your life with us!:-)

  5. I believe the Ghetto Gatsby is also called the Hooverville Picnic. Check out the link below. - the calendar of events show some of the cool vintage events in SoCal. Also found a blog post that mentions it as the Griffith Park Hooverville/ Ghetto Gatsby Dustbowl BBQ Picnic. I also found an invite on facebook for it. Saturday, February 27, 2010 · 12:00pm - 5:00pm looks like the last time they had it. Looks like a fun event.


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