Monday, October 17, 2011

Cradle Crap Remover

I wanted to share a product I love, Mustela Foam Shampoo For Newborns.  I think it should simply be 'Foam Shampoo' considering I just bought it for my 2 year old.  She had a bad case of cradle cap. (is it still called that at her age? or simply dandruff?) 
  I remembered using Mustela with my other girls so we ran out to Nordstrom and bought some.  Target carries some Mustela but I haven't seen this product.   It costs about $10 and lasts a long time.
  Within 4 washes her cradle cap was almost completely gone.  Love it!


  1. I was thinking this post was going to go a whole 'nother direction based on the title...LOL!!!

  2. Glad it works - I always used coconut oil on my brood - an Indonesian girlfriend suggested it - and then they smell like yummy coconut macaroons!

  3. Glad you found something that works. My younger son had it so bad. None of the oil-based remedies worked, we tried various dandruff shampoos. Our solution was finally t-gel, which got the job done. With my son the cradle cap sort of faded into dandruff. He still gets it now and then, but not nearly as bad as when he was a baby.

  4. This is the only product I would use with my first born 20 years ago...and reading your post brought back so many memories. You know, I loved it so much I used the entire line on my little one. think he is now a young man.

    Blessings Always,

  5. Yes! I've used this on all three of my girls and no cradle crap on any of them! My youngest is 11 months old and I am still using the bottle I bought for her before she was born. Excellent product. The diaper rash cream is the best, too!


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