Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do Se Do Bike Ride

Today the weather was just perfect for a bike ride.  These days are coming to an end as the longest season of the year here in the Pacific Northwest is about to begin; rain season.
As you know, dresses are my favorite thing to wear-but can be tricky on a bike.  (though when I was younger and trimmer I never gave it a thought)  My favorite solution is pettipants.   Today I wore a square dancing pair along with a square dance dress I picked up at a garage sale for .25 cents.
The  tattoo peeking out is a pin up- you can just see her legs, which mine mimic today with the cowboy boots.  Cute coincidence! 


  1. Me like! Where do you find these pettipants? I've been wearing bloomers under my skirts (I usually wear long skirts), but these would be better for the warmer days/shorter skirts.

  2. I want a beach cruiser bicycle sooo bad!



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