Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday

This is Mav and I in 1994, I am 22 and he is 27.  I love that it has the feel of a an old photo-(well I guess it actually is, but I mean much older)  Because his eyes are closed and my lips are pursed it screams film.  Remember when you didn't know if you got a good shot or not?  I miss these candid imperfections with digital.


  1. I have seen this picture before. But I still love it. you two are adorable. I am liking mav's new stache too... :D Nice to see you yesterday!

  2. God I miss smoking. *sigh* This is a really great picture!

  3. I found a picture in my pile the other day of Mav and I think it is baby Ruth. I will bring it up tomorrow to show you. It made me smile so much!


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