Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Week In School Lunches

Spinach wrap with carrots, cucumber, provolone, and veggie "turkey", granola bar, grapes and- what I believe to be the perfect invention applesauce to go.

Spinach wrap, number 2 cookie from Dot's birthday party, and veggie stix.

Bagel with cream cheese, capers and lox, tangerine and banana.

Pita sandwich with hummus, cucumbers, provolone cheese and carrots, yogurt raisins, grapes and milk.  I really like these ziploc reusable sectioned containers.  The food stays in it's rightful place without mixing flavors.  I had heard great reviews of the Goodbyn lunch containers.  I purchased one and was greatly disappointed.  Too expensive, too large (HUGE) and too hard for young children to open/close.

Spinach veggie wrap, granny smith apple, veggie stix, and organic toaster pastry (aka poptart)
I am trying to use reusable packaging.  I like the 'Wrap and Mat' and 'Keeper Sacks'.

This lunch didn't get packed at all.  PB and honey on raisin bread, boiled eggs and kiwi.


  1. Between the homeschooling, the food and the life education you give, you will surely turn out some well-rounded and healthy adults. Bravo to you and Mav.xx.

  2. I love those fruit in a pouch things too! Liam will eat the baby food ones and its the only way to get veggies into him sometimes. I like that he can just slurp it up and I don't have to deal with a spoon and bowl.

  3. Ditto what Kitty said. Your lunches look YUMMY!!!! And those organic toaster pastries naturally don't taste as good as the bad-for-you Poptarts. I love Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk!! So yummy. I drink it when I take my vitamins.


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