Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things We Do After Naps

Inspiration for "Things We Do After Naps" from Sew Liberated.  This is one of my absolute favorite blogs and Meg is the mother I long to be.  If you have never visited Sew Liberated, do it!

In true Pink House style, once again we are in the kitchen!

I have four daughters and only one, Dotty, is nap age.  (she turned two last month)  Dot almost always wakes up hungry.  The first place we go is the kitchen table where a snack is waiting.  A lot of times she needs to sit on my lap as she transitions back to the land of wakefulness.  An activity set out on the table also helps.  After a few snuggles she is ready to go!


Our homemade Halloween play dough made an appearance twice this week.

Nap time is also when I can get some cooking done.  I try to have one thing the older girls can prepare.  If they are still working when Dot gets up she will skip her snack in order to get right in on the action. 
This day we made pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

We changed things up one afternoon and instead of a snack in the kitchen, we had a tea party outdoors.


  1. Your last picture melts my heart! She's awesome.

  2. "Meg is the mother I long to be"'s nice to know that even you have someone you aspire to be! You're such a great mama.


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