Friday, November 11, 2011

The Girl's Room

This room is shared by Pearl, Grace and Dotty.  (although only Dotty sleeps in there-that's a whole other post)  It originally was mine and Mav's bedroom.  I picked out the wallpaper he hung for me.  But making a family of 6 comfortable in a small home requires sacrifice.   The antique dresser was refinished in this sunny yellow by my dad.  A big basket for stuffed animals (I swear they breed like rabbits) and a small chest for American Girl dolls.

Here is the old iron bed that has been passed down in our family.  Underneath are their Barbies, and no telling what else!  I love the idea of a hope chest at the foot of the bed-although at the moment it is full of my vintage clothing I can't part with.  The pictures are of local treasures, Ft. Vancouver and the Portland bridges.

Here is the closet they share.  On top are boxes filled with polly pockets, calico critters, and etc...
Dotty's clothes are in bins to help her "do it myself!"
You also get a glimpse of her bed.  She is just over 2, and has not yet discovered she can climb out. (fingers crossed)

Pearl's special chair her cousin Solanah painted her while in high school.

Ceiling Maps!
We (Mav) just finished this project which I absolutely love.  Maps on the ceiling.  If you were to look closely you might notice among them is a circle beginning with the world, followed by; our continent, our country, our state and our city.  This helps them recognize their place in the much larger picture.


  1. That is CUTE! I love that it is feminine without being splashed-n-pepto girly that I see everywhere. And the maps on the ceiling are a serious stroke of genius.

  2. I love the maps on the ceiling. That is such a great idea!

  3. I bet that's a fun room to hang out in :)

  4. I love the room and especially the maps on the ceiling, I would have loved that when I was a child, mind you I'd love that now, I do like looking at maps for some reason!

  5. LOVE the map project, what a great idea. Please share with us the other girls' sleeping arrangements.


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