Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unflattering Clothes I Love

I am putting together a post on maintaining a classic/vintage look while running errands and caring for small children.  My staple, a simple cotton frock, will no longer be practical in the cooler weather.  I am prepared with plaid and wool skirts, cardigans and tights-but what if it is windy?  I wouldn't want this to happen...

  There are days when you just need a good pair of pants.  What I totally want are the overalls pictured above.  That is my Grandma Lois, my mom and her dad, circa 1937ish.  How fabulous are those with the little caplets?!
But alas I do not sew, and overalls are only flattering to a select few.  (my grandma obviously was one of them) I am not one of them.  But I still want them.


  1. oh you know they really don't suit me either but I really wish they did! I just look shorter and dumpier if it were possible :o)

  2. overalls look rubbish on me too, this winter just gone I wore a loose knitted dress with tailored pants underneath as my 'uniform'. Not very vintage at all but at least I was warm.

  3. I wear 'em and don't care if they do or don't look good, so how's that! LOL Your grandmother looks awesome in that photo, those are some stylish overalls!

  4. Those look great! I think the trick is to stay away from some of the more "fashion" overalls-I have to say that back in the day I had a pair of men's small black Dickies work overalls that I loved, and looked great! Otherwise overalls look terrible on me. Maybe look for some old fashioned working style-good luck to you!

  5. Hi, I know most comments to your blog come from women, but I cannot refrain from giving you attention to The International overalls day on upcoming Sunday, November 20,
    celebrating for the 3rd time, one of the best clothing items ever invented, no matter whether it is fashionable or not, they are just great for people like, us, loving simple life, making arts/crafts in many ways, gardening and just have fun, like your grandmother and yourself ! welcome to the international overalls community ! overall greetings Niels


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