Thursday, December 15, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

Growing up we always had flocked trees.  When newly married Mav and I had ours flocked pink.  (best tree ever!)  Now we have an artificial white tree.  I am waiting to find a pink one that stands at least 7 feet tall and is full.  Soon.  Very soon.

Shiny brites.  Can you spot the one Papa made our snowman painting from?

This is new this year.  I picked it up for cents at a garage sale.  It is meant to be a table cloth, but we made it our tree skirt.


  1. Wow- that tablecloth is definitely meant to be a tree skirt! Perfect!

  2. Dan might just pitch a fit if I asked for a pink tree. But it would look SO COOL with my blue and white thing for Christmas decorations. I love the blue and white look. He might let me have a blue tree somewhere down the road though.

    Also, I did a google search for Pink Christmas Tree and found a few 7ft+ tall ones. One that was 6.5 too, it was pretty cute. I bet your perfect tree is out there!

  3. I love your white tree. It looks magical, enchanting, fairytale-like. Alas I've always had green trees with coloured glass decoration. Seems to be too traditional.
    Have a magical day!

  4. Love your tree! Now I have to "do" mine!


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