Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dragon Party

We are big on theme parties at the pink house.  The Lunar New Year and two of my daughters birthdays were within a week of each other.  We had a year of the dragon birthday party.  I made a circle skirt for the occasion and Papa and Ruth made dragon cupcakes.

We ate yummy food.

I bought this Lucky Buddha drink at our Asian market.  I was halfway through it before Papa informed me it was beer.  I truly thought it was mineral water!  

This was a family party and the girls' great grandmother, Delight, came 600 miles to join us.


  1. You are so beautiful!!! I adore your skirt and your hair and your face! All of it!!!!

  2. Love your skirt and what a fabulous idea for a party!

  3. How do you make those skirts, they are great.

  4. Love the skirt and Joey!The spread looks so good and the dragon cake is adorable!

  5. Wow that skirt is really neat! I love the cupcake dragon too

  6. What an awesome looking party....that cake is too cute! Hope the girls had awesome birthdays. And I love your new haircut.....gorgeous! ;)


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