Thursday, January 26, 2012

Urban Decay VS. Cover Girl

Urban Decay Surreal Skin

Remember this post?  It was the one where I gave up cosmetic counter makeup and bought all new drugstore brands.  I wanted to find out if there really was a difference worth paying double-or more, for.
I did research and discovered Cover Girl's Simply Ageless had the best reviews for what I was looking for.  I bought one, well I bought two because I got too dark of a tint the first time.  Total $30.00
Add that to the $38 I spent yesterday to purchase Urban Decay Surreal Skin and you have $30 down the drain.  
Here is what I liked about the CG; it went on smooth and moisturized my dry skin  (that was my only problem with MAC Studio Finish, too dry) and it covered consistently.  
Here is what I didn't like; after I talked on my phone there was a residue from my make up on the phone and the container lacked convenience in design.  This caused fumbling when applying.   I also looked like I had on foundation when wearing this brand, where I prefer it to be invisible. 

This is my first day using Urban Decay and so far I am pleased.  I was attracted to it because it is a cream that goes on as a powder, giving me the best of both worlds.  I am not sure of the small brush applicator, but I will give it a few more tries before switching to a sponge.  The shade matches perfectly which I knew because, unlike a drugstore, I was able to test it.  The compact is similar (same color) to the CG, although it is a cinch to use.

You may have heard when it comes to makeup your foundation should be what you spend the most money on.  It is true.  Lesson learned.


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  2. I've been using color match by Loreal. Dita Von Teese and Cher use it, it's pretty good, but you really have to match our skin tone, or it really doesn't blend.

  3. you've just saved me some $$. i was thinking of trying the cover girl. thanks. i use the loreal, and it's ok, but i like tarte tinted moisturizer better. it's invisible, but evens things out.

  4. I think with foundation sometimes you really do get what you pay for and I'm broke so I don't like paying, but because I don't wear foundation daily - I work from home so often go bare faced - my foundation lasts a long time and I always end up going with Clinique, it suits me both the foundation and the tinted moisturiser which I used the most.


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