Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cutie Patootie!

That's our daughter, Ruthie, in her new dress made for her by Solanah.
As a small child I kept her in dresses, but as any mama knows, there comes a time when they begin choosing their own wardrobe.  I support this fully and want our girls to dress for themselves rather than others, including me.  So the fact she has come back to dresses (not to mention taking a second glance at vintage) is a sweet one!
I have often read The Vintage Housewife's blogs about vintage shopping with her daughters and been a smidge envious.  Now I can look forward to similar posts of my own!  (her wardrobe will be amazing as I shop vicariously)


  1. oh my word!!!!! cutie patootie is so it...she is so beautiful! how funny i am so envious of you!!!! I adore you and solanah!!!! I wanna join in all your fun adventures! Happy mommy dance at all the new vintage shoppin with your lil baby girl! huggs


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