Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Fun

 This summer we visited our old hometown in the Bay Area.  We were mainly visiting family, but we took a couple of days, just the 6 of us, in Santa Cruz.  We stayed at the Dream Inn-which I highly recommend.  We had a wonderful time!
  Now that summer is ending I came up with a way to keep vacation fresh, at least on Dotty's shelves.  What I did was print a picture of her doing something at the Boardwalk and make it the theme of a shelf.  Take a look....

This is the bi-plane ride she loved.  I found this wooded bi-plane online and added a sticker book.

Of course the carousel is a favorite!  We have a book, two figurines and a cd of carousel music.  (The music is fabulous and as soon as you hear it you are there.)

This is of course a beach theme.  Big plastic storage bin, play sand, seashells, and a bucket.  We keep this one for use on our porch.

I am so excited to create more activities based on her experiences, helping her engage in the present by reflecting on the past.  


  1. You were in my town! Hope you had a lovely time.

  2. Heya doll! So excited to hear from you! Looks like your sweet lil family is doing great! Can't wait to hear more of you adventures! Cat


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