Monday, June 14, 2010

Dedicating Dorothy

This Sunday we had Dotty dedicated.  Dedicating your child is similar to baptism or christening.  We are  declaring our intent to raise her knowing Jesus. This was made even more special because our pastor, who is also one of our nearest and dearest friends, dedicated her.  It was his families last Sunday at our church as they are moving this summer.  Bittersweet.  
I had a hard time choosing what she should wear.  Our church is very casual -plus we had a BBQ to attend that afternoon.  In the end I couldn't resist traditional.  Anyone who knows me would wonder why I even bothered considering something else.  I have a handful or two of christening gowns so I had to sort through those.  I am pretty sure the one she wore was the one I wore as a baby being dedicated.  She is 8 mos. and the bonnets were all too small, finally I found one to fit.
I love the photo of me holding her in her slip.  I'll leave you with a picture from the BBQ where we changed her into a white sun suit.  I also love this picture of Mav.
Also one of top runner up outfits.


  1. It is so nice seeing people dedicate their children!! I was dedicated and I had my two sons each dedicated as well in my church. We attend a christian missionary alliance church. I used to sadly get into a lot of fights with people when I was a child about the fact that I was not baptised as a baby. . .I went to a christian reformed school and they all got baptised as infants (as did my husband who was raised in a Reformed church, but then he chose to be baptised at the age of 14 too). They all told me I was going to go to hell and I told them, "I wasn't old enough to choose to be baptised as it is stated we are to be able to understand about Jesus to choose baptism." it got me into a lot of discussions that they didn't know where the scriptures were that would defend their stance on it. Thankfully this isn't a life or death conversation though so I try to never have them any longer. It is sad that they don't decide to be baptised on their own account though. I got baptised at age 23. Anyway I am really amazed to see that others dedicate their children so that they can one day decide to be baptised!! That's wonderful. May the Lord bless the life of Dorothy as she grows up so that she can know that God is with her and decide to have Him be the strength of her life always.

  2. What a little angel!!!! :) So cute.

  3. That's so awesome. You all look beautiful, and happy! That's what Jesus always does for a person, though. What a doll Zootsuitmama

  4. She looks so beautiful and you all look so happy, how special. My children and I were christened last year at my Mother in Laws church in Spain. It was wonderful!
    xx Lucy


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