Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't really eat like an Okie

Because you all know I am a weight watcher, I thought I should do a food post other than fried pies or chocolate and biscuits.   Those foods are yummy and I do eat them, but very rarely.  Most days look similar to this,
  • breakfast: oatmeal with lite coconut milk and a sprinkle of coconut, coffee with nonfat half and half, and fresh fruit
  • snack: bowl of cereal with lite soy milk
  • lunch: bed of lettuce topped with turkey chili, salsa, olives, nonfat cheese, nonfat sour cream and a few tortilla chips crumbled on top
  • snack: fiber plus peanut butter bar and fresh fruit or carrots
  • dinner: a big pile of roasted veggies sprinkled with feta, small serving of mashed potatoes and a turkey loaf muffin
That would be the ideal.  As long as I have planned ahead it isn't a very hard plan to follow.  I do make poor choices more often than I'd like and then have to trade in dinner for something like a watermelon.  (I am so glad they are in season they save me!)  I do not count points for fresh fruits and veggies.  The exceptions are bananas, potatoes, and corn which I do count.  I drink a lot of water and coffee.  I might have a diet Coke occasionally even though I know they are horrible for me.  Sometimes when I am out or at some ones house a diet soda keeps me from eating things I shouldn't- you know that social feeling having something in your hand.  A couple great foods I am loving snacking on at the moment are Fruit Loops with fiber, reduced fat Cheezits and Kozy Shack lite puddings.
Next week I plan to do an update to my WW post.  I am nervous because I know the scale isn't showing very much loss.  I am putting my hope in the measurements reflecting change.  Mav and I have been running and just finished week 8 of couch to 5K.  It is s great program!  Here you can see how dedicated I am because I ran in the pouring down rain. (more than once)


  1. The timing of this post is so funny (well to me anyway). I was just going to ask you how you keep losing weight (and looking fantastic!) when I see s'mores, fried pies, volcano cakes, etc. on the menu.

    I am so inspired by your progress and still having good food with your family. I really look forward to your future WW posts too - I need a lot of ideas!

  2. Yummm!! The pictures of your food looks yummy. I seem to be making some kind of food related comment often but that is because I am always hungry. Hey also want to say your pretty face looks so cute sticking out of your hoody!

  3. You really have it together. I applaud you...keep up the good work. I look forward to your next post. By the way...the food looks sooo good. Yummy! ^_^

  4. It's been 8 weeks already? You are doing great! Your measurements will reflect the hard work you've done but I'm betting you are feeling stronger and healthier too.

    This cool running seems like a real do-able program. I'd definitely need a partner to keep me motivated, you know, the kick in the backside. I'm a bit of a slacker fitness wise, but I'm trying to change.

  5. LOL I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and we don't eat like Okies there either.

    Congrats on keeping with the program!


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