Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa's Day

Today was Father's Day.  The first one since my dad died in October.  Father's Day wasn't a big to do with my dad.  But we did always stop by the house with a gift and homemade cards from the girls for him.  So I was surprised at how much he came to mind through out the weekend.  (Although he is never far from my thoughts.)  Anyway giving up on Father's Day because my dad is no longer here isn't an option.  I have a husband and he deserves to be celebrated.  And that is what we did.  
It began the day before with baking (naturally!)  although that is a post in itself soon to come.  Then Sunday we had a picnic.  The weather wasn't very pinicky so we chose one of our favorite places-the gazebo at a historic reserve.  There was also a living history encampment happening and we are suckers for those things!  Ruth and I fantasized about becoming traveling living history actors.  Our family could travel the country reenacting family life during the Revolutionary War, Civil War, pioneers, and of  course, homefront WWII 


  1. oh wow. I love going to reenactments on Independence Day, myself. Love that last shot.
    Your kids are adorable and you and your husband seem so sweet together.

  2. I lost my Dad almost 5 years ago and I still find Father's Day tough without him. Your day seems similar to mine actually, I baked and felt thankful for the other father in my life who gave me my gorgeous children. Your family is just beautiful.


  3. I lost my dad seventeen years ago and my first husband fifteen years ago, but they are always in my heart. I know exactly how you feel... I am very thankful to be blessed with a second husband, and father's day wouldn't have been so special if God would not have send him my way.
    What beautiful pics of your family. You and your husband make an amazing couple. :)

  4. My Dad died when I was fifteen... I have more of my life without him now, which is strange.... I light a candle for him on fathers day. xx L


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