Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roll On Columbia

Mav and I just spent two wonderful nights "taking the waters" at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort.  We had our very own mineral fed jacuzzi on the balcony overlooking a forested hillside.  (Hopefully said hillside didn't have any trails or hikers since we never put on our suits.)  We also swam in the mineral spring swimming pool.  We had done this once before when traveling in Germany through the Black Forest but had never tried the ones in our own backyard-so to speak.  It makes your skin so soft and hydrated.  We also had suffered a lot of mosquito bites the first day while running and the water was so soothing.
Yes I am very proud to say we ran while we were there-pictures to prove it, you see me in front of Bonneville Dam.  (Listen to the song Roll on Columbia by Woody Guthrie for a little history)  We ran twice, hiked and swam laps.  Of course we also ate belgian waffles and bacon for breakfast and fish and chips for one of our dinners.  The first night we stopped at Char Burger, a little tourist trap leftover from the '50s.  As you can see from the photos it has some great character-although not exactly politically correct (or clean).  I love the wagon wheel hanging chandeliers. And you all know I love me some knotty pine!
We also hiked Beacon Rock.  It was such a beautiful day you could see forever from up there!  I have snapshot of the markers showing the man who once owned the property.  I love that he is climbing in his tweeds.  Mav and I discussed if he were to wear similar clothing, what then would I wear to climb.  Hm... I think the year was 1912.  I wondered if I would have worn men's pants?  Riding pants?  Once we were down we saw the picture of the woman from this time period at the top.  No pants.  I can't imagine climbing in that long skirt!  I would have had to have tucked it into by pantaloons.
A funny thing happened on our way up Beacon Rock.  I decided to catch the above pictured lizard.  He promptly bit my finger and it took quite a shake to unloose him.  Learned my lesson.


  1. I'm so jealous! :) Glad you had a good time, you deserve it!

  2. My brother in law goes upthere with his wife all the time, and I would love to get a chance someday soon, they said its really awesome. Glad you had a nice romantic getaway!

  3. woof! I wouldn't have been able to do it in a skirt either! Divided at the very least! Looks like tons of fun; hope you guys get to do it more often!

  4. Sounds (and looks) like you had an awesome, refreshing, romantic time! Just like you knew you would! I love the pictures. You look amazing, especially in the last one with the tank top: so, so cute.

    And can I just say: that's what you get for picking up a lizard! What were you thinking? : )


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