Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art & ReCreation

The weekend was the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival.  I was part of a group from our church who put together an art area for families.  The last two years I led an art camp at our church, but this year we decided we wanted to get out into the community more and this was one of the ways we did. Taking art out to where people are is a great way to build community. A lot of people can't resist all those materials laying out there just waiting to be created.  As you can see the children loved it but as you can see in the picture of my little friend Ian and his papa, the grown ups also have fun-maybe more! 
It was also a way my whole family could contribute and be involved.  As you see Ruth took care of Dotty so we could get set up.  Isn't it precious to see her wearing her sister?  Ruth also was a craft table volunteer.  You see her and my friend Lorraine at their duct tape wallet table.  After two days Ruth may never want to see duct tape again! 
A funny thing happened when I got there I was wearing a pink apron and my pink cowboy boots.  I looked and at the booth right next to us was a woman wearing a very similar apron and boots-although not pink boots.  Dressing how I do it is extremely rare to go somewhere and see someone else dressed the same.  At first I was like "Oh No!  I'll have to go home and change"  (I fancy myself original)  But then Lorraine was like "oh a kindred spirit you'll have to take a photo!"  That put it better perspective for me.  I then went over and was amazed at her art.  I loved it.  She was so sweet.  It was her first time selling anything.  Apparently it is all from her personal collection she creates and has in her home.  Her husband showed me a picture of their living room and it reminded me of a photo I once saw of Picasso's home.   I cannot remember her name and I feel terrible.  She doesn't have a web site but I gave her this address so I hope she finds this.  I bought the cow for myself, the girl head for Solanah (after all it has on a bird hat)  and here you see a picture of Amy with ONE of her purchases.
It was a wonderful weekend and I am leaving now for here.  So as you can see it is only getting better!


  1. I adore the picture of Ruth and Dotty. I have a Kozy and I love it, I'm dreading the day my son grows too old or too big for it! Sounds like such a fabulous weekend.


  2. Aweeeeee ruth looks fantastic with that met tai! yay! you look great. I am sad we missed it today, but alas, grocery shopping and naps were needed today.

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful time you all had. Your girls are adorable. You look amazing. CHEERS!!!

  4. I adore the cow!!! I wish I would have gone!!

  5. Awww, shucks, I am feeling almost like a celebrity.
    By the way, you looked stunningly gorgeous in the pink boot getup.


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