Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memories are Made of This

We love trees.  But this particular one we loved.  It was at Officer's Row here in Vancouver, Wa.  Right near the gazebo (this one)  We spent a many picnic under it's branches.  It had this beautiful trunk where it all came together and when you climbed in it felt magical.  (think Bridge to Terabithia)  Well, one sad day we went down to play and were devastated to see the tree was being taken down.  Apparently a recent storm had done some damage which made it no longer safe to be under the tree.  The forestry service assured us they had done all that could be done to try to save it.  We were very sad.  
One day after the tree was completely gone we went to where it had been and found a few scraps for a keepsake.  I was bummed because I had wanted a larger branch.  Then not too long after we were on a walk nearby when we saw where they had taken the pieces of the tree.  They were roped off and on government property...but somehow Mav managed to get me a branch.  I have had it awhile and decided to make it into a mobile for Dotty. 

FYI  The first picture is Solanah's senior photo.  A little history of the dress she is wearing.  It was once mine. I wore it 20 years ago to go see Social Distortion.  Mav was there, although we were both there with "someone else".   A few memorable moments passed between us that night.  We were married about 4 years later.  Blame the dress.


  1. so neat about the dress. those shoes she is wearing she sold to the urban eccentric, and I bought them, so weird. hahaha.

    that is sad about the tree :( but dottie has a new really pretty mobile!

  2. It breaks my heart when trees so amazing like this one go down. This is a great post.

    I love your story behind the dress. :)

  3. what a lovely story, shame it was taken down but nice that you have a keepsake of it :o)


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