Monday, August 23, 2010

WW Progress

Okay, I promised I would update my weight watcher status today.
Here I was on 5-7-10
168lbs, 38-32-47 

And here I am today
160lbs, 36-29.5-43.5

I actually was surprised at the measurements.  I had hoped to be under 160 at this post-and I am oh so close.  I thought maybe I should put off my update another week.  But this was the date I set to keep me from continuing to put it off.  It was extremely motivating-especially because I have stopped going to meetings.  Ideally I just want to be under 150.  (You know the Dr.'s scale has that bottom tab they either put at 100 or move up to 150?  I hate the 150!)
I haven't ran for a couple of weeks and before that it was few and far between.  It is disappointing to know I'll have to start all over at the beginning of the Couch to 5K running plan. 
What happened was I did what I set out to do, ran the 9 week program, then in my mind I was done.  I knew better but somehow I hadn't motivated myself beyond that. 
The thing is I am better at not eating than I am at activity, even though I know activity is what it is going to take to look my best.  I have been bike riding and hope to do a lot more before the weather changes.
I also need to track my food better.  I think I cheat myself when I guess because my tendency is to overestimate points.  
Here are a few of my current favorite weight loss friendly foods.  Soyrizo and egg whites, morningstar chick patty on a sand which thin, Kozy Shack no sugar added rice pudding and best of all, watermelon.  I eat one in a single day, averaging about 3 a week.  I am sure going to miss them when summer ends!


  1. Well done, that's great! I have to do this, I really need to get on with it, but I wouldn't be brave enough to photograph myself in a swimsuit but then I'm a lot heavier than you!

  2. You're doing awesome! I can certainly see the difference in the way your suit is looking on you. Particularly between the sternum and mid-thigh. Yay!

    Your bangs are really cute, by the way. :D

  3. I think you look beautiful! I have been trying to get myself motivated to lose weight as well -- I think my measurements are pretty close to yours. Congratulations on your efforts so far -- they really are paying off!

  4. I love that you have done so well. You are very consistent and determined. I'll like to get back in shape myself, and you've given me the motivation to do so. You look stunning. WOW! Well Done.
    xo, Jacqueline

  5. you can see how loose the suit is on you now!! great job!! My mom is on Weight Watchers and has lost 21 pounds in about two months! She probably is hoping to get to 145 (she's probably 160 now). I think it is wonderful to see how hard people work on reaching their goals!

  6. Nice job! I need to lose a few myself, and I have---I have been losing and gaining the same five pounds all summer, heh heh. I dislike exercise too; need to fix that. Keep it up!

  7. You have some amazing curves there missy! Looking very good :) Good work! You really inspire me getting my ass into action as well... I'm way too lazy :/

  8. WOWZERS! Great work! stay motiviated and you will get to where you want to be.. look how good you are already doing! :D :D :D

  9. You look amazing lady! Your loss of inches is most definitely inspiring. Way to go!

  10. Girl, you need to be doing these posts more often, they are so motivating!!!! I love it!!!

    AMAYYYZZZINNG JOB!!!!! I am proud of you!

  11. Wow you can certainly see the difference,congratulations on a job well done! :)You don't need to run ,any activity is good ie:dancing round the lounge room with your kids or playing a game with them in the backyard.I heard of a lady that lost all her weight by dancing to the wiggles with her kids everyday,true story :)


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