Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whodoo Voodoo? I Do!

I love it when my weight watcher post are followed by, or follow a food post!  So here you go!  Voodoo Doughnuts!  I have lived in Portland a long time never to have had a Voodoo Doughnut.  Truthfully, I have a few eating out issues and Portland's dirty punk rock scene has ruined quite a bit of what might be good restaurants/carts for me.  (If you have never been to Portland or have never lived anywhere but Portland this may seem snobby, but it isn't.)   Anyway enter Voodoo.  Yummy!  The Voodoo Too building is all pink with a B+W photobooth.  How could I not eat their doughnuts?!  You'll have to excuse my outfit it was a rainy, northwest, stay home and eat doughnuts type of day!


  1. Those doughnuts look so good! I saw that place on television!
    So if you feel like it, please describe "dirty punk rock scene" to a nice girl from Ohio, where we are neither "dirty" nor "punk rock." (When I reread that, I envision a very different version of Donny & Marie's "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll," lol.)

  2. That fritter is huge! Do you think VD will be open the morning after Thanksgiving? Might get breakfast there before we head back, with fritters like that!

    Punk Rock: A style of music and appearance popular in the Pacific Northwest, focused hugely in parts of Seattle, WA and Portland OR. Think flannels, leathers, combat boots, and unnaturally colored hair that is often unwashed and/or gelled beyond reason.
    Dirty.... well, the punk rock crowd have a tendency to be a little... greasy? And they don't usually clean up after themselves.
    I'm not throwing stones. I can digg the flannels, leathers, and combat boots. But I can do without the dirty. *sighs* I'll just never be that punk rock. ;)

  3. Yummy dougnuts!!! I once saw that place on a television show, I just can't remember which one it was. Anyways, it looks like a wonderful place to eat a very decadent doughnut, and if I may add, You look beautiful as always.

  4. Awesome looking donuts:)I'm glad you aren't torturing yourself over losing or not losing weight.I was concerned you may have gotten depressed over it.So it's good to see your happy face:)
    I think you look pretty fab already ,of course i realise you need to be happy with yourself & be healthy but if you fall off the wagon don't worry too much just get back on when you can:)

  5. I am not big on donuts, but I want to bite the scaredy donut's head off! Yummy.

  6. Sweet! I can't wait to visit Portland and go to Voodoo someday!

    Just returned from New Orleans and visited a great Voodoo shop, Voodoo Authentica, that was totally great!

  7. Is that the place with the bacon and maple donuts and they perform weddings there? We saw it on one of those foodie shows. i told my husband we had to go and renew our vows and get donuts at the same time :)


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