Thursday, August 25, 2011

Laura's Pink Stove

I am wanting to do a blog post but my iphoto is in disarray.  I am running a program to remove duplicates (why isn't this a feature of iphoto?) and it takes 23 hours to cycle through all our photos.  Which wouldn't be so bad-except the fact when it was almost complete yesterday I was vacuuming and bumped the power cord and had to begin again.  "Arrgh!" I say.   Anyway I hope to get a post done this week, until then I leave you with a sneak peek at things to come....

This is Laura Ingalls Wilder's kitchen in Mansfield, MO.  I was in love with this stove.  It is pink!  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the home and the postcards available made the stove look greenish white.  So when I found this one representing its' true color on the web I had to nab it.  Her home is my dream home.  It was left as it was upon her death n 1957.  She died in February and in May of the same year the home was available to tour.  Until I get my own post up about visiting Mansfield you can view Solanah's.


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