Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ruth's Room

Ruth upcycled our old chest of drawers. The handles are extras from our kitchen and I think added the perfect finish.

Her 1920's wrought iron bed.  I love the original light.  Notice the picture by Slovly.


Another upcycle project.  This was a plywood work table we picked up at a garage sale.  She decoupaged the top and added a bright coat of paint-or two.

Our friend, and legendary tattooer, Terry Tweed painted this for her.  She was the tattooed lady in a parade when she was 4.   (Her middle name is Magnolia.)

    This represents a new era in parenthood for us; teenager.  I am surprised to discover I actually enjoy and relate most to her at this age.
(We told her she has to cover the bong with a sticker or something.)

So there you have it, Ruth's room. 


  1. I love the desktop; I assume you guys did that? Teenagers really need lots of good ways to express themselves. Nice room!

  2. OMG! I love the chest of drawers AND the bed!
    Green is a good color for the mind.

  3. awwww! tea cup girl! Ruth seems like a very cool kid and I LOVE her green room :) Miss Magnolia's sign is fantastic. Does your husband offer prints (or something) of his tattoo designs? Sorry if that is a lame question.

  4. The dresser is superb. And so is her Miss Magnolia sign. And all of your girls have the best names ever!

  5. Slovly-Not a lame question at all. Can you believe we have no prints!? He paints all the time and his shop is one of the very few that have almost all hand painted originals in the lobby. I may need to become his agent and get some out there.


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